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a lil sidetrack.

i jus had to add that i'm very very very blessed. and i'm thankful for it. i'm somehow always reminded by the ppl around me that i have many many frens who will stand by me in my ups and downs.
PLUS. i'm reminded of the fab r/s i share with my bro. makes life so much less upsetting esp when u're not on gd terms with ur parents. at least there's someone who understands thoroughly what u're gg thru cos they can see and hear it right there n then. what more can i ask for in a bro? we have such a gd r/s we can talk bout anything under the sun (except his crushes tho, urgh the juicy stuff i miss). share our nuances. boss each other around. call each other stupid names. play drums together. watch tv n dvds together. go jogging together (he wans to build stamina i wanna keep to my resolution). we even like practically almost all the same things. food. music (he likes run too!). shows. even analysing =) sometimes this similar-ness even scares me. maybe now i really understand why tjow used to tease me that i wun be able to get a bf. i mean like, what IF, he wasnt my bro...
haha. the fact is that if he wasnt, i guess we wouldnt hav that many similarities. cos common experiences do forge and strengthen the bond between 2 ppl. any r/s inclusive.
n to side track even more. zhen jus ('jus' as in as i'm typing this) commented that my bro looks like dajiang in tong xin yuan. gosh gosh gosh. i mean, dajiang IS quite shuai leh. the shuaiest of the lot at least. zhen!!!
but then again. my bro does look much better when he dresses up. ok tt was quite a duh statement. but yeah. today all his frens came over in their formal wear (i was abit stunned to see so many leather shoes at the doorstep) and my oh my did they look smart. and really really gd. actually this bunch came plenty a time b4 and they're not ur typical nerdy dunman high guys anw. i wonder how my bro ended up in their gang. heh. seems like this post is out to suan my bro. but anw he told me b4 tt his class has like only 7 guys and they're supposedly all the best-looking guys in the level (him inclusive of course, he stresses). i wonder why probability does not work out here. haha. ANW. they were gg to head for the prom after tt. n i, of course, being the big sis, wish him a fun and enjoyable night with all my heart.
*` n u wun feel like anyone can see anything in you unless you see smth in urself. -

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12:54 AM


food for thought.

nowadays i feel at a lost as to what to blog. because. i wanna stay away from mentioning you'an too much for fear of boring u ppl out there BUT i realise i cant cos much part of my life now revolves around him. so i shall spare myself the dilemma and subtly but surely include him into my posts =)
gosh i hope i'm not turning into some lovesick idiot.
anw, for those of you arty farty ppl out there who watches project runway (my bro does too n he's more excited bout it than me! but def not arty farty i guess) i'm sure u mus agree with me that the designer that got cut today had jus about designed the perfect bridal dress every girl dreams of. it was like drop dead gorgeous and romantic and classic and elegant all at once. the only reason why they cut her was cos it wasnt 'her style'. they were supposed to design smth the client wanted and no doubt she made the client very happy and satisfied but the judges strongly felt that a designer shld never deviate too much from his or her personal style even when compromising to the clients requests. obviously they felt that a balance was required and too much compromise is bad. is it always, necessarily? i mean, she did make her client the happiest person on earth. but probably 'creative' ppl think the latter is more impt.
on the other hand, sometimes i think judges make the wierdest decisions ever jus so to keep viewers indignant bout the outcome. so they'll keep watching. its like if the show gets toooo predictable it isnt as exciting to watch too anw. gosh. but this is reality tv. they cant just jeopardise someone's entire career jus to hike viewership, can they?
can they?
sometimes i wonder why i analyse such stuff so much. but its kinda cool too right, the wierd way my mind's wired. haha.

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11:25 PM


butterflies and hurricanes.

an abstract title which just suits my mood these days. dun wanna go into it tho. there's just too much to say. some ppl noe bits n pieces of it here n there. but i guess not even 1 close fren would even noe more than 25% of whats really happening.
God help me.
really happy for josh tho. he told me he passed his math subpaper today. yay thats one hurdle down for him. haha. guess the reason why i'm this happy is cos i felt guilty not tuitioning him for this subpaper. din follow thru completely. hmm but anw the foundation i lay was there i hope (erm.. right josh? haha) i guess he understands i'm like so caught up at work i dun hav any more afternoons free except on family day anw =(
gg st johns island this sat to recee the place for suitable spots to play games. wah. the game marshalls sure r putting in alot of effort this yr round so u ppl better b appreciative! managed to take 1/2 day off from work. RELUCTANTLY, i mus add. cos now tt works pilingup it means i hav more work on mon. sobs. but oh well. abit of sun sand n sea would do me gd i think. hopefully i dun get sick of st johns by e time we really go there for youth camp cos i heard tt it only takes 1 hr to explore the whole island. heh.
i'm really looking forward to next wk. everyone's gg to b free from exams. and i mean EVERYONE. smu ntu nus. (k la ppl from ntu r free already but then -coughs- SOMEONE's still not free to go out wif me) anw. whooohoo. get to go out/ crash hse/ do watever we have been planning to do for ages, very very soon. yay yay yay.
i realise my posts r getting more superficial n childish, a far cry from whats going on inside. mayb its cos i jus dun wanna tell. its too private. (whoa when did the xin yi who trusts anyone and everyone and spills almost anything and everything due to this simple naivety, ever think anything's too private?!) or mayb its cos i jus like to keep it between the special ppl in my life. but oh well, whatever it is, abit of childish fun never killed anyone right? =)

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3:20 PM


sometimes you dun really know what to put as title.

gasp. u shld hav seen the pao pao cha stall i saw today. thats no ordinary pao pao cha stall. it looked like a bar, seriously. they intended it to, definitely. there were wine glasses hanging from above n all. n the whole place was decorated with dark wood. nice grains n all. very stylish. run by these 2 youngsters. a knack they have there for appealing to the masses. a pity its in this small shopping centre at hougang. such a waste. but oh well it seems to b doing very well. n the pao pao cha is like only $1smth. cheap. with fresh fruits somemore. i noe cos they displayed the fruits in this really cool looking fridge.
on another note. i dunno what the world is getting to linking pao pao cha with the whole bar feel tho. imagine wide-eyed sec sch kids seemingly purchasing drinks 'over the counter'. so wronggg.
anw let me let u in on smth boliao i did yesterday. i actually went to addup my sales. cos really. i was having this gd feeling tt it was a gd day. n guess wat. i hit S$35, 734! whooopeedoo. I WANT COMMISSION. i think i really pleased my dad too. cos today he let me off work early to go shopping. hee. havent shopped in a long time. n no i dun skive. he told me i could go off at 330 (n told me secretly that this was the advantage of being the boss' daughter) but i realised i still had lots of emails to reply n more queries kept coming in so by the time i could really leave it was 510. urgh tts only 20mins b4 my knockoff time. but still better than nothing. sigh. noe wat. i'm disgusted at myself for being such a workaholic. fullstop.
i tried 2 chic black dresses. couldnt decide which to buy in the end so i ENDED UP BUYING BOTH. nah. as if. i din buy ANY in the end. i noe i noe. u just sighed and gave a dismissive 'women', right? oh well.
just finished reading this bk titled 'ps. i love you' by cecelia ahern. heard bout it long ago but never got down to reading it. anw it really is a gd read. its about this wife coping with the death of her husband who had lost his life to a brain tumour. about how she learnt, through the notes he left her, to live life once more without him. or actually. with him.. always watching over her. awww. i teared at some parts even. n not many bks make me tear. so far still countable on one hand. the bk really has a bitter-sweet storyline guaranteed to tug ur heartstrings.
hmmm. i rmb i still had more things to post but i cant rmb them now.
-searches brain furiously-
-types more so that i've even more time to search my brain furiously-
ok. still nothing. so i guess i'm signing off here.

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11:33 PM


a math problem.

bro jus called me at work jus now. surpising eh. not until you hear wat he wanted to ask. A MATH PROBLEM. like, his a-math exam paper's later today? well done there.

anyway this is interesting. so i shall go into the details.

'jie, does sec^2x = 0 have a solution?'
'why would it.'
'er cos it would be 1/(cos^2x) and so i thot that i could introduce cos^3x on both sides, making it cosx = 0..'
'eh. liddat u're introducing new solutions leh. if u can do as such, u mus as well tell me given sinx = 0, i can make it cosxsinx = 0, cos i intro cosx to both sides..'
'oh yar hor. hehe. so ok la. sec^2x = 0 is jus n.a.'
'yar. eh anw hold on. you tell me. will 1/anything ever be zero.'
'eh. no hor.'
'yar! cos even 1/0 is infinity. (which ACTUALLY means 1/infinity = 0, but i bet no one wans to solve cos^2x = infinity) ANYWAY. see ah. wats the identity for sec^2x? tan^2x + 1 right? sub that in n u'll get tan^2x = -1 which onces again is n.a. cos you cant root a negative no.'
'wah yar hor. eh jie. U JUS GAVE ME 3 SOLUTIONS..'
'eh yar hor. it jus came naturally leh. haha. shows tt i think thru my stuff thoroughly. hee.'

man i'm good at this. goes well to show that i think TOO much too tho.

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12:59 PM


the dead bird.

work was busy today. i realised that there are mainly 2 ways of doing sales. one is just to quote and close the case after that, leaving the customers to decide whether to buy the product or not. which still works in my case because of the products' 90% exclusivity and the fact that ppl approach us only when they NEED the product. but the 10% of non-exclusivity also means that they can find other dealers to supply them with the product. the other, would be to continue to do a followup. which is much needed for new clients and those who dun really know the market ie. they just need the products on a one-off occasion. well. guess thats why sales ppl do need commission. but then again I DUN GET ANY!! now where's my motivation. anw i still try my best to do followup. which is why work's pilingup.
i plan to count how many POs (purchase orders) i have clinched tmr. haha. ego boost. maybe i shld even count the total sales IF i hav the time. then ask my dad to split the profit. haha. fat hope.
went jogging again today. i saw a dead bird on the way la. gross. the thing was it was not only dead, it was squashed totally flat. like it got deflated (like a tire went over it, more like). n the whole bird was still intact with feathers n all. pooooor thing.
bro n i are VERY childish. he kept kicking his soccer ball in my room. until it even hit my hand while i was on the phone. grr. so i playfully attempted to kick his ball down the stairs, while he attempted to defend it from going down. of course i had it easier. gravity's on my side heh. but anw. how can i match him in tackling. i've got no leg coordination one. like zero. but oh well. it was very fun. abs training. not from the soccer of course. haha sometimes i like being childish.

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11:10 PM


my jog.

just went jogging. decided tt i havent been exercising and i could use the time to think too. but i havent jogged for a really long time. close to a yr i think. i'm seriously not into jogging. no stamina. probably tts why i was really surprised i could sustain thru the long route i chose to run ALONE today. i like this route, cos u cant cut it short once u decide to run it. meaning even if u felt like stopping, u have to walk the remaining of the route. makes u feel like a total loser. haha. but anw. i usually always give up halfway thru that route, even tho i run wif someone else. no sense of ego at all la, give up when there's someone running strong beside you.
but today i was really determined to finish it. i wanted to. and really, it din feel all that bad as it used to. my stamina couldnt have improved tho, esp since i havent been exercising. maybe i'll believe you if you tell me late nights can improve one's stamina. haha.
the trick is actually to start slow. reallysloowww. and build it up from there. found that i ran much faster toward the end without even realising it. until i actually overtook this really big hulky guy in a yellow SAF singlet. imagine the satisfaction. haha. but then after tt, he sprinted after me n all the way. couldnt catch up. was telling myself DUN LOSE FOCUS DUN LOSE FOCUS. if not wun b able to sustain till i got home. n i'm glad i din cos later i even managed to sprint the last 200 metres or so. whooohoo.
actually i felt like dying when i sprinted the last 200 metres. felt really thirsty. maybe like.. i din drink water the whole day? had fruits tho. heh. so looks like jogging also gotta prep eh. anw guess what. it doesnt feel as bad as i thot once it was over. in fact u feel goooood.
come to think of it, many things in life are like running a long distance course. start slow, buildup, finish with a high. or not? i still rmb that during 2.4s, some ppl sprint n stop n sprint n stop, and they still do get the same end result - the same timing. but i guess the process must have been more painful for them. it jus requires more determination to go on once you've stopped. not to mention ur muscles ache more.
haha. i just realised i've drawn a very close parallel to life with this. just think about it.
and for now, i've decided to go jogging every other day. or maybe not jus jogging. but other exercises too. lets see if i can keep to my resolution.
AN AFTERNOTE: i just had claypot chicken rice for dinner (my fav homecooked dish - i always go for thirds) and the sweetest softest tapioca for dessert! bleah. think i jus undid all the hard work put into running.

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9:05 PM


the random things i observe.

was watching this guy during lunch. he was shaking his leg. shake shake shake. until his slipper dropped off. and he din bother. continued shaking. so beng la. but i dismissed it. he was wearing really ragged clothes and all. n he wasnt related. yeah i'm starting to stereotype. but then again. everyone does isnt it. which is why we get so repulsed at the sight.

got back into the car after lunch n the sun was scorching and all. so when i sat down on the leather seat.. yeowch!! damn hot. mum sat down with ease and chided 'see i told u ur skirt was too short'. urgh so i'm expected to wear knee length skirts like her jus so i dun get burnt by hot leather seats. very nicely done.

there were alot of purchase orders today. which made me feel pleased with myself. BUT. there was this really irritating customer who said i DIN KNOW HOW TO DO SALES. i felt like telling him that I DIN SAY I WAS GOOD AT SALES. he was asking me all the technicalities and i know one should know the product well in order to sell well but i'm new so he should give me some grace! i tried to put him on hold so that i could ask my colleagues but he interrupted that he wanted to be put to the technician instead. to which i replied we din have one. we're a dealer, hello? but oh wells. you'an made my day after that. said he wanted his number to call and scold him. haha. so sweet. that jus did it.

tiramisu is a really soapy local production. i seriously dun support local productions (english ones are not as bad tho) BUT i still watched it. no more heartlanders so gotta watch something else to fill the void la. not to mention that i missed the last 2 episodes of heartlanders. the CLIMAX. anyone out there has it to lend me? haha i'm making full use of this blog, aint i. and u mus credit tiramisu for making the food they make look soooo scrumptous. mouth-watering mmmm..

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11:36 PM


You can't stop me from having a love affair with the written word.


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