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Want some gaytime?

So they say Australians like playing puns.

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5:38 PM


The weekend hangout.

It feels so wonderful to be hanging out as Kindnetix once again :) We never seem to lose the spontaniety, do we? Everytime we come together as a group we talk on end and even lose track of time! Definitely another camping trip come end of this year! :))

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7:50 PM


The irritating things in life...

...is the water running cold when you're in the shower.
...is washing all your white laundry only to realise that you've missed out one white shirt.
...is not being able to find one side of your sock after all that tumbling in the dryer.
...is when the full roll of toilet paper keeps tearing in your hand because of its shitty quality.
...is when the full roll of toilet paper keeps tearing in your hand because of its shitty quality, especially when you're rushing to catch a movie.
...is needing to shit after you've gotten yourself clean in the bath.
...is heading to a far block for class only to realise that you haven't gotten everything you need on you.
...is walking into the ED without an ID tag.
...is needing to pay attention in class when your stomach is rumbling like mad.
...is running to catch a bus that only comes every 20 mins, only to see it start off right in front of you.
...is knowing that the consultant standing with his arms folded in front of you is quizzing you on a piece of information you'd just read the night before but can't quite put a finger to it.
...is being allergic to insulin when you're a type 1 diabetic.
...is getting acute lymphocytic leukaemia when you're only 3 years old, having the disease relapse 2 times by the time you're 7, receiving a sibling bone marrow allograft only to get graft vs host disease and a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) post-surgery, developing bronchiolitis obliterans needing a lung transplant, developing hypopituitarism resulting in poor pubertal development, oesteopenia and primary ovarian failure, having adrenal suppression due to long-term steroids, and contracting cytomegalovirus (CMV) retinitis (not surprising considering her immunosuppressed state) resulting in retinal detachment and blindness in one eye.
Yes, the last 2 cases were patients that I had just seen recently. I felt especially sad for that poor girl who was barely a teenager (and who definitely didn't look her age) when I saw her that day. She did NOTHING to deserve whatever she had. I seriously wondered where I would be in life if I even had half of her comorbidities. It just served as a reminder of how blessed I am, really. I guess I should really be working harder because I shouldn't let all these things (potential?) in me go to waste.

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4:30 PM



The mid-autumn festival is here!! Had a nice quiet one on my birthday in Yr 1, was back in Singapore for the 2nd one (gladly savouring all my favourite mooncakes), and then comes this year's celebration which was a blast! All thanks to Jas and Trs who opened their hse (and PS3) up to all of us, and were wonderful hosts (as always!). That said, it wouldn't have been fun without the ppl who contributed to the potluck, Yeo for bringing us LAST YEAR's lanterns, and those who went to carry lanterns and have a spin at the park! :) I'm sure that brought back great memories ;p Unfortunately, this year the lanterns weren't so properly preserved though, one caught fire and burnt to bits right infront of our eyes. Destructive kids we are.
Didn't take any pictures at the gathering, but just so Mummy knows I'm getting my fair share of mooncakes, here they are!! :)

Mummy, these can never beat the ones you have right now though! So save some in the fridge for me like you did in Yr 1, pretty pls?? :) Am dreaming about the mooncakes listed here already!! Darn, shouldn't have looked back and enticed myself!

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10:23 PM


You can't stop me from having a love affair with the written word.


Xin Yi
50 Recreation Road
To me



When you learn how to die, you learn how to live.
-Tuesdays with Morrie

It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.
-Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Life is for living, she realises - but it always helps if there's an angel watching over you.
-Ps. I Love You


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