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eventful times :)

let's see. i think a short sentence for each day would suffice, if not it'd be a really looooong post ;p

had dimsums, beef brisket noodle, and plain congee with a side order of century egg and also my favourite 3 treasures vegetables at crystal jade the day after i touched down. yummmy. i got to order everything and only the best ;p

went for church later, where i brought everyone 2 boxes of krispykremes!! i've never seen such vultures ;p

sunday was family day :) had fried carrot cake (white!) for breakfast, which was yummilicious too. mum cooked her forte dish - hokkien mee - for lunch and the whole family went swimming after. yay completed my 20 laps in a leisure 45 mins, not too bad la ;p then we went to pick up my popo for dinner at hong kong chun kee street's main branch where the good food continued. love their sliced fish hor fun!!

the rest of the week was more meetups with church frens, and more good food! ;p hmm i think the standard of the hokkien mee at food republic wisma atria has dropped tho.

some photos of the christmas deco and city area.

either my photog skills has improved, or the city jus looks better to me because i've been missing it ;p

oh yes, and i have to describe my lunch at ssc's on wed. because the home made soup of the day, the selection of bread foccaaccia, walnut and baguette, the salad bar, the gama ham and antipesto and pan roasted turkey breast fillet with chestnut stuffing, brussel sprout, candied yam and cranberry compote natural jus was absolutely fabulous! :) there was great dessert too, all in small bite size portions. this was one buffet i din get jialut over, and would return for more. abt pricey tho, but thankfully i was with the family ;p

supper at bedok 85 on thurs with kel, trs and jas. it was actually the 1st time i went there, and the 1st time i tried soupy bak chor mee (i think i still like the dry one from the shop right outside my house beside the all famous prawn mee).

friday! was 'execute surprises' day ;p not going to reveal too much so i can recycle ideas ;p but anw i'm so glad da gal enjoyed the day thoroughly!! happy bdae to you once again, debby dear! :)

movies watched:
the prestige!!! loved the show. had this sinking feeling when i realised, to my horror, what was going on. how, terrible and dark.
happy feet!!! really cute tale, with a really cute penguin for tops. at some point i kinda din know whether the penguins were singing the words 'mumble' or 'mambo' anymore ;p
casino royale! this typical blockbuster is not too bad la, not as bad as the critiques put it.

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6:48 PM


certain quotes to pour over.

superstition lies between what we can control and what we can't.
you can get hurt, you're vulnerable now. but isn't that what being human is about?

it's easy to suggest a quick solution, when you dun noe the problem's underlying cause, or just how much deeper the wound really is.

(c) quotes from grey's anatomy

why do we believe our worst reviews? why is it that we only seem to believe the negative things that people say about us no matter how much evidence there is to the contrary?

but the antique we're most afraid of is ourselves; it's the reviews you give yourself that matter.

(c) quotes from sex and the city

look too long into the abyss, the abyss looks into you.

imagination is more important than knowledge; knowledge is limited, imagination surpasses the world.

(c) quotes from criminal minds

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12:48 PM


the little welcome party :)

rachel and her mcdonald wave ;p
thanks everyone who went to the airport to receive me, really appreciate it!! gives me a fuzzywuzzy feeling inside :) thanks also to those who called me upon touchdown :) was really sweet!! hugs go out to the babes.

my lil bro's brilliant idea :) an un-birthday cake!

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1:45 AM


spell it, legendary :)

had a really fantabulous day out today with the jiemei! went to victoria market to get souvenirs (reads chocolate) back for the family. ummm, got brother's (and admittedly, my) favourite irish cream almonds and wasabi peas!! also bought back another sampler pack of a mixture of yoghurt apricots, dark sultanas and milk cranberries. very very delish :) i got high just trying them out at the shop.

hl, i noe u cant wait to get your hands on these!

next, we went shopping (to find a pair of sunglasses for me, and a souvenir for ruth). din get my sunglasses but i tried on this same dress i tried while shopping for dresses for the ball and finally bought it! a really good buy if u ask me; they'd slashed the price down by half since the last time i tried it. yippees. one of the rare times i din go home empty handed. and, its the 1st DRESS i've bought! (yep, despite how 'feminine' i may look, i've never bought a single dress in my entire life up till now! and that's partly why the day was legendary ;p a day of firsts!! more firsts coming up..) the jiemei din manage to get anything because the stores started closing, but dun worry i'm sure you'd def find smth b4 u go back ya! (and yes, u've been quite a good shopping companion. well trained by ruth, i see ;p)

we managed to fulfil some of our cravings too! was craving for fries, and gelati, and i finally tried the nasi lemak at the nasi lemak house (after wat, 1 yr?!). ummm, it was so good. a glimpse of home b4 i go back for THE REAL DEAL :) felt too full for eggtarts in chinatown and truffles from cocoblack after that, but i'm sure i'd be heading down to the city again b4 i leave so no matter!


leaving out some legendary stuff because i cant speak a word about it until the time is right :)

bumped into kary and G on the way home. they were heading for the pub but i figured i'd be going for the med gathering the next day at st kilda's anw, so i din wanna have 2 days straight of PFEs (perfect friday evenings, something the aussies coined to symbolize a night of fun and partying after exams). heard that the rest were heading down too tho, and i hope they enjoyed themselves thoroughly!

on a side note, a tragic 1st occurred on the train ride back too. the train had to stop at oakleigh apparently because there had been a fatality on the tracks somewhere further down. but thanks to meiching and the other ocf-ers, we were safely transported back home :)

went to the music room when i got back to halls to watch the cell group practice their performance for thanksgiving night. haha, the song is really cute and the instrumentals were great! din noe there was so much talent in our grp (guitarist, pianist, a saxaphone-ist, and 2 clarinet-ist?!! woot). really proud of you guys! and i wish u guys all the best for the performance and hope u have a really fantabulous night too! ciphered cyprus all the way!! (haha, how reminiscent of jc days ;p)

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7:47 AM


a little reminder.

it was vision season at all saints, my church here in australia, few weeks ago. seemed coincidental that OCC was moving to SAC at the very same time. and i guess in a new building, a new environment, it would have been a great time for the leaders and youth to recommit everything to the Lord, to seek out His new plans for us, and to renew our vision for GJ.

and so here's a little smth i got out of the newsletter at all saints, which i feel is applicable to our position too.

it can sometimes seem like hard work to hear one another and to hear God, but the effort will be worth it. because as james 4 indicates, planning the future without seeking God's will is presumptuous and foolish. so as a church, we are committed to seeking God's will for us and striving to follow his leading.

the other challenge is at a PERSONAL level. in our individual decisions it is just as important that we seek God's will and live in a way that honours him..

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6:25 PM


certainty of death, small chance of success.. what are we waiting for?

phew. the written exam is finally over!! u guys know how much i cant wait to fly back, especially since i'm looking forward to the turkey trip with my family and cousins (woot, my 1st exotic destination!!), and have great plans for the hols (well not exactly, more like self-improvement goals). i just have to cross the hurdle of the osces (practicals, in essence), find a house to move out into (still in progress), pack my barang into boxes and my lugguage, and i'm good to go (heh, trying to sound abit lighthearted here, just looking at all my stuff makes me not feel like packing up, grr the hassle)!!!

after the hiatus from blogging, this might seem like quite a miserly post but oh wells. will update more abit later! much has happened, definitely. i just hope i rmb my little epiphanies and inspirations when i do feel like sharing them! :)

ps. and yes xueting, i will rmb what you said. will continue to blog and hopefully continue to touch others! :)
note to self: blog about short shorts day, the sudden realization in the shower, the shumin expose and grey's anatomy (yeps i noe, very random and totally unrelated stuff)

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2:46 AM


You can't stop me from having a love affair with the written word.


Xin Yi
50 Recreation Road
To me



When you learn how to die, you learn how to live.
-Tuesdays with Morrie

It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.
-Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Life is for living, she realises - but it always helps if there's an angel watching over you.
-Ps. I Love You


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