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my days in singapore thus far.

i have been going out n going out n going out (apart from the intermittent stay-in days so that my parents wun say that my coming back to singapore seems no different from my staying in melb for the hols).

had a great day with josh, celebrating his birthday (and thats for him to tell of). after, the food trail wif the monash peeps was fab. had really great (and a great assortment of) prata, mutton curry and milo dinosaurs, along with the chilli crab, deer meat and eefu noodle. glad my cell peeps loved my cheesecake too, even tho the works was amateur-ish. and the next day, the quick round of catching up wif the youth was gd too. too fast tho, i must say (but dun worry, i'll chill wif u guys this sat). after that, catching up wif the cousins at my cousin's daughter's 1st month's was pleasant too, much reminiscent of the times b4 i left.

days out wif the family are delightful too. went swimming with the family on sunday completing our usual routine (which didnt occur while i was away as i found out much to my surprise), followed by a nice dinner after.

i went shopping with zhen yesterday. din buy anything apart from a basic top but we did catch she's the man. its those cheap flicks that the ecg usually rents to watch at (none other than) zhen's hse. but i must say that once in awhile its nice to catch these kind of shows. its nice to see how things work out for others (be it fiction) when it isnt working out for the ppl u noe. and i must admit, the show has tons and tons of nice songs chucked into it. they must have practically played the top 20 songs on my ipod's playlist. made it even more worth it to catch the show.

next up i went crazy, shopping with deb today. but i'm so so happy! found all the things i've been wanting. not to mention deb bought me this bag which is so lovely she also wanted it for herself but she gave it to me as my be-earliered birthday present!! i really felt soooo guilty because i dun deserve it. debby dear, u are really tooooo good to me. -mwahs-

guess i'm really enjoying my time here. i even have a breakfast date with my rg frens. woot. but i guess that would be something special, wouldnt it be?

still missing some food which i havent gotten down to getting into my stomach. popiah, laksa, yongtaofoo, nasilemak, otah, xiaolongbao, lamian, blizzard, oldchangkee's currypuff, steamed pompret, and so much of mum's cooking.. oh wells, at least i still hav 1.5 more wks.

i fluttered by;
12:52 AM


i'm back i'm back i'm back!

i think everyone can sense the hyper-ness in me just by the title alone =) i think i'm running on adrenaline, but i'm really not sleepy even though i havent slept since yesterday! was up all night adding the finishing touches to my assignment and proofreading it, then cooking sweet potato and doing the rest of my laundry at 1am, as well as being on the phone and chatting on msn (wow i realised thats quite a bit of multitasking). the laundry gave me abit of headache because the water didnt want to drain, but i twiddled with the knob and soon the clothes were well spun and chucked into the dryer. i went to take a quick shower, and after retrieving my clothes proceeded to fold them and pack my luggage, tidy my room, backup essential documents into my thumbdrive.. and in no time it was 7am.

terrence had offered to send me to the airport along with jas' fren roy. an infinitely kind gesture, if u ask me. had a nice filling tasty breakfast together (finally, no more cornflakes and bread) and soon it was time to board the plane. din sleep on the plane either because i was caught up with movies, and poof.. in no time i arrived at my sunny island. waited impatiently for my luggage to crawl along the conveyor belt toward me and zoom.. i rushed out straight after that to be lovingly greeted and hugged by my dad.

i'm back in singapore and loving it! i just HAD to repeat myself.

was especially surprised when joshua turned up at the airport to welcome me back. guy, u really made my day!! i kinda suspected it when he asked me for my flight number but he then later BLUFFED me that he was going for church camp. haha! din the bible teach you not to lie? tsktsk. haha. but for the GREATER GOOD, ur sins have been forgiven ;p [one should hear his side of the story tho. i was VERY suspicious when he logged into msn on sunday, because he ought to have been in an ulu part of m'sia with no internet access. i dismissed it as being an auto-login occurring as a result of some other family member using the shared computer tho. however, the funniest part was that he ACTUALLY PANICKED and thought he gave himself away, so much so that he proceeded to block me and every single church member on his list! lol. just thinking about it makes laugh like xiao4.]

my room is just as it was before i left. gosh. even the sweets, chocs and biscuits are untouched. i thought my brother would've consumed them in no time, but maybe his condition has steered him away from my goodies. haha, i'm fine with that ;p i just hope he is well. mum and bro are at church camp now so i've yet to see them.

my cheeks are pink and rosy now. no idea why. but i like it. sweet. hope it stays that way. doubt so tho.

i just had a really nice long convo with my dad and we're going out for sushi later. whee!

ahh it feels so good to be back...

i fluttered by;
6:51 PM


the fog.

i keep waking up to fogs the past few days. it's either getting really cold in australia or.. its getting really ABSURDLY cold in australia. seniors have told me that it doesnt usually get this cold. i have a theory that the weather is just out to get at me.

something struck me one day tho. most of the time, life is just like walking through a fog. it may be hazy, but always trust ur judgement and instinct. ur sixth sense is more acute than u think. you actually know better than u think. and are smarter than u think, when it comes to choosing directions. insecurities may creep up and make u lose faith, but it doesnt help to look feeble and lost (and yes, a few times i have, and have made myself look stupid and branded as another one of those females who are just not good at directions) because mostly, u do know where u are going. u just have to be more sure of urself, have more confidence in urself. a greater reason not to look feeble and lost tho, would be that more often than not, no white knight in shining armour would appear to save u from ur distress. instead, little minions would be more than delighted at the opportunity to back-stab u for reasons unknown.

its been pretty foggy these days... time to get into gear.

i fluttered by;
2:13 AM



after a grueling 3 hrs, our med 1011 paper was finally over.

dun think i fared too well, but nonetheless we went to celebrate. and a really extended celebration it turned out to be.

some pictures taken at our exam venue, right before the exam. now this is one thing u'd never do in singapore. but we were having our exams at a racecourse and that excited us, as that is one thing u'd never get in singapore either ;p

we went for buffet at crown hotel. food was really scrumptous and there were lots of variety. had my fill till i felt like puking, even though i din eat as much as i used to or could have. why, u ask? well i think it was mostly cos my tummy was filled with air, no thanks to the nonsensical commentaries by ethan in an attempt to entertain us at the dining table.

the place.

later on we had a ktv session from 10pm till the wee hours of 3plus in the morning. i was partly dosing off when it wasnt my turn to sing, n was practically screeching because somehow all the songs i was given to sing were soooo high, but all in all it was a really fun session. i was delighting in the lot's serenading of once-popular chinese songs which i have never heard for a really long time. but of course, the highlight had to be john's renditions and 'stage presence'. wahhahaha.

will upload the video soon. dun play play, this could very well be ur next singapore idol ;p

we roamed the streets after that, waiting for daybreak so that we could go to victoria market to get our supply of souvenirs for ppl back in singapore. i realised i loved walking in the streets in the wee hours, especially when its void of people, as well as the usual hussle and bustle. its quiet, leaving one alone to his or her thoughts. its enduring and lasting, unlike the transient nature of things that go on during the day. it shines new light on the same surroundings (literally, due to the neon lights they turn on only at night), bringing new perspective to something so familiar and mundane you din think anything could get fresher.

too bad i din bring my camera. i'm so gg to come back here one day at such an unearthly hour again jus to take photos. it would be less troublesome tho, if only i wasnt a girl. and if only it wasnt unsafe for girls to be roaming the streets alone at those unearthly hours.

we then took a cat nap at crown hotel. once again, this is one thing i'd never really do. i think we looked like homeless vagrants. the security guard came to chase us away after 1-2hrs (we then wondered what took them so long, and figured that they could possibly have been napping too while on duty ;p) anw, later we went to the arcade for abit, before heading for vic market. had spanish doughnuts (these are really good) and a hot dog before getting my groceries.
yippee. i've got goodies for u guys =) feel like a sugar daddy. we caught xmen3, before heading back to clayton.

ps. i guess my resolution for next sem would be to be more organised mentally and focus on my studies, reading up and clearing whatever doubts i have (that have accumulated over this sem).

i fluttered by;
4:08 PM


nearing the end of sem.

whee. 1 semester has flown by so quickly and i'd b back in singapore a '10% doctor' in less than a week's time.
now have a look at the ppl who've made it bearable. the following are pictures taken on a 'crazy cake delivery' to all the singapore med gals (haha a girl's privvy yet again). yes, these 3 guys delivered a huge slice of delightfully scrumptous caramel choc cake right to our doorstep at around midnight one fine mugging day! how sweet and thoughtful. its these 'going the extra mile' actions that really make someone's day.

the peeps from my pcl (patient centred learning) group. yeps we had hoegarden, softdrinks n snacks on the last day of sch to celeb n thank paul (our tutor) for the job well done! we change tutors every sem, so i guess this is the last we'll see of him. kinda sad..

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4:24 PM


You can't stop me from having a love affair with the written word.


Xin Yi
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When you learn how to die, you learn how to live.
-Tuesdays with Morrie

It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.
-Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Life is for living, she realises - but it always helps if there's an angel watching over you.
-Ps. I Love You


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