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If only one post could sum up the summer I had.

Crazy midnight furniture moving session (can't express enough thanks to the people who came all the way to help out, namely Dazzle and Yeo!!).
More crazy furniture moving up till it was time to leave for the airport (that includes throwing clothes all over the futon in the new house).
Falling sick because of all that craziness.
Mum's big surprise a.k.a the new family addition - Bella!!
Steff's midnight visit.
Church, Vivo, Starbucks and Bang!
The double celebration at Marina Square.
An impromptu trip to Malacca with the family.
Bumping into Zhen and family IN MALACCA.
Roast pork and duck delivered straight to the hotel by the very best friend you can find :)
JC class night out, with Reginald (the only one working) treating and the impromptu stayover at Sheryl's.
3hr long Citadels.
Lingerie shopping with Kel, for his girlfriends (yes, with an 'S').
Shopping with the brother for the miniature-sized golf bag + bejeweled hairclip.
Christmas party with a not so Christmas-y end.
Family gathering at the temple to pay respects to my grandfather, followed by Big Eater and lots of crab.
The aunties sharing about their childhood experiences as siblings.
A whole day of adventure, starting off with fine dining for lunch.
The glass cablecar, Sentosa, chairlift and Fantasy of the Sea :)
Drinks at The Box, followed by Lor 9 Beef Hor Fun and Lor 30 Claypot Frog Leg Porridge (in the wrong order for sure).
Family BBQ (yes, just the 4 of us with some splendid satay) in our own backyard.
Zhen's 'Hey I've got ANOTHER Christmas present for you'.
My spending a whole day of quality time at Zhen's place, distracting her from studying, having fun making ART..
Bedtime stories, Bedok 85, overnight majong, AND meeting the girlies.
Celebrating birthdays and our years of friendship with strawberry shortcake and shopping! :)
Birthday boots.
Dad's random 'Shall we go out for a movie and supper now?'
Ip Man.
Henderson Wave, Horticultural Park, treetop walk.. walkwalk.
Immunizations and supplies.
Worried Mummy's buying of every kind of adaptor in preparation for my Fiji trip.
Thoughtful Mummy's buying of local sweets for me to give out to the kids in Fiji.
Meeting up with the ECG and Steff at Lau Pa Sat during her lunch break just so we wouldn't leave Steff out!
Steff 'extending' her lunch break because she didn't want to leave us :)
Sheryl's be-earliered birthday present.
Rebec and Serene at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao, where Serene had another of her fainting incidents.
Knee checkup, and busting a whole lot of money on it.
The DAY when everything went wrong, seriously wrong.
Made with Love.
Brother's birthday celebration at The World Cafe.
Sitting engrossedly infront of the TV with Dad and the brother, munching on our Chompchomp supper and watching Man United thrash Chelsea.
The final Saturday with the Sec 2 gang and Jiaying! :))
Mum's homemade Yusheng, two weeks too early for CNY, specially created for me :)
Bella's droopy ears and longing eyes, making every, I mean EVERY, visitor swoon (I swear she's the main attraction of the house).
Receiving news about the seriousness of the floods in Fiji, including the report of her government declaring a state of emergency.
Receiving heaps of emails from my fellow Fiji Village Project participants that they have been stranded in Nadi, and that the beach backpacker's inn we booked had been closed down and evacuated.
Receiving even more news about deaths and tourists being stranded at the airport.
Flying to Melb anyway, egged on by my Dad who comfortably replied 'Just go in and look see look see lor.' when I asked him what I should do.
Oh wait, I forgot. Attending Dad's friend's housewarming 4 hours before my departure.
Arriving at Melb realising that Air Pacific (the Fijian airline) had wisened up and allowed free cancellation of flights.
Enjoying the extra 3 days I had in Melb after postponing my flight to the friday.
This included watching Benjamin Buttons, tennis-ing, swimming, meeting up with OCFers, and going to the beach! :)
Arriving in Fiji on Saturday and taking in the devastation as the bus drove by the coastal region.
Starting on FVP O9.

And that leaves us for another post.

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You can't stop me from having a love affair with the written word.


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When you learn how to die, you learn how to live.
-Tuesdays with Morrie

It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.
-Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Life is for living, she realises - but it always helps if there's an angel watching over you.
-Ps. I Love You


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