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The happiest I've ever felt.

Ahh, those sister-brother talks once again. Never knew that small simple words of assurance and approval, could get my brother (quoting him, no less) 'smiling from ear to ear'. But boy am I glad you are happiest-happy, bro :) And I sincerely hope you'd stay that way. Don't let it sizzle off, okay? I guess now's just time to hope that one day, I can say the very same thing you said today.
Ps. so glad for the revival of late night talks once again :)

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2:18 AM


I finally realised..

What it’s like to consciously go out of the way for someone, and not do things out of convenience, or semi-convenience. The joy one brings to the special friend, the appreciation felt, is definitely more than worth the trouble making the effort. So yes.. A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY DARLING-EST SHERYL!! You only deserve THE VERY BEST :) and I’m glad that we managed to help end your very turbulent day on a high. This day would indeed go down in ECG history, and I’m sure that you’d soon learn of the many little ‘miracles’ that took place such that the surprise would happen!

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7:31 PM


The crazy things.

You know, it's crazy, how we seem to blog so much about our emotions, but the REAL emotions we keep hidden deep down inside. In unpublished posts, personal diaries, or stashed at the back of our heads?

You know, it's crazy, how we do this mostly because we do not want others to get affected by our emotions, or think we're broody (really, why cant we see that all this reflecting may be good for the soul). But yet, no matter how hard we try, at some point of time or another, we still end up managing to hurt others?

You know, it's crazy, because then we wonder, how much does it take to not hurt another? And yet, despite all this consideration, we still do not understand how capable we all actually are of hurting others?
ou know, it's crazy, how big one can make of little things, how little others can care about things that mean alot to one, and how ppl who do not exist at those extremes are said to be unemotional and unfeeling?

Give me a shout out, you guys, if you DO know these crazy things we all experience - just for assurance, really, that I'm not crazy.

Ps. I started this piece using the word funny instead of crazy, but I realised that crazy fit better and effected my punchline :)

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8:14 PM


Recommended movies.

These are basically some movies that i've just watched, or intend to watch.
  1. Million Dollar Baby. A touching tale of estranged father daughter relationships that get mended through the shared vision of conquering the boxing ring. And guess what, it even touches on euthanaesia. Read review here.
  2. Closer. Love the catch phrase - If you believe in love at 1st sight, you never stop looking. Here we take a pervasive look at the transitory nature of selfish human love. Read reviews here and here.
  3. Babel.
  4. The Queen. A nice tale providing a deeper insight on history. Slightly too slow paced for my likes though.
  5. Dream Girls.
No prizes to those who have an inkling where this short list came from, you must catch the Golden Globe Awards too :)

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3:41 AM


my long overdue new year eve expose.

As I watched the purple (PURPLE!!) and gold fireworks light up the sky, I knew the old year had drawn to a close and the new begun. I remember this time a year back, when I was thinking that I didn't want to be like a firework, brilliant but shortlived. I wanted to last, to emerge from the marathon victorious. It all seems so lofty to me now. Don't get me wrong, I still want to run a good race, but now I know that sometimes we set our eyes so much on the goal we forget the simple pleasures in life. And so, one year and tonnes of experiences later, I am here again, but even more humbled. As I looked at the night sky this time, I was just genuinely thankful for being truely who I am, and for the people in my life. Not everything's perfect, but I'm definitely contented with where I am in life, and wouldn't trade a single thing. Not everything's certain, but I'm not worried, not one bit. In fact this is exciting, this journey of adventure that I'm still travelling, one where nothing's too predictable yet.

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11:00 PM


as promised!

the mansionette that is cheun kang's house ;p and yes before i forget (or get beaten up ;p), company was even greater!!! it was definitely one great stayover, we shld have more!! other random pics:
a double yolk, how rare! and quite censored, i must say ;p
exploring vivo!

turkey trip teasers!! blogger really isnt that kind to me, its laaaagging. so anw, i'd lug my album around to share my experiences dont worry!! :)

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12:08 AM


of smallville and salsa.

Lex: That's the first time I've felt this satisfied.
Lana: I was hoping something along the lines of happy might come out of your mouth.
Lex: Happiness is just a feeling of euphoria. It's your brain chemistry going into overdrive. That's why so many relationships fail when the honeymoon ends and reality sets in.
Lana: Wow, have you always been such a romantic?

Guess one wouldn't particularly find this a highlight unless one knows the precursor..
Lana: Lex, I know you. You desire what you can't have, so what happens when you get it?
Lex: I'd be lying if I said I didn't struggle against my nature everyday to let myself have this with you.
Lana: And I'm fighting mine to believe you.
And now I guess this is true whenever the honeymoon period is over and love takes on another meaning. But let us still strive to be, satisfied.
Ahh, that aside. One can definitely tell that I've been consuming Smallville Season 6 in delectable doses. But it's really good! Apart from the exponentially developing plot, the serial has great music to boot. Not to mention great bands like Nickleback, Lifehouse and The All-American Rejects IN PERSON singing in scenes like balls and what-nots.
Salsa is also going smoothly, though it can definitely get smoother, and sexier :) The MOVES, I mean. Am starting on the next level in a few days' time, can't wait! And I never expected that a dance could teach me so much more too. Talk about expounding on the details of life.
On the other front, catching up with friends have been, pure bliss. Have been hanging out a lot with the ECG, and the church peeps, and have met up with other groups of friends and even had a stayover with my JC class at CK's place in JB! Wow, his house is really a mansionette la. We photowhored like little kids stepping into a palace ;p Too bad blogger wouldn't let me attach pictures now but I promise I'd get them up asap!
Darn, there's still so much I wanna say but blogger is really laggy. Shall just type in spurts for now. Or maybe I shall compose a poem to summarise my time in Singapore thus far :)
Grandious entrances, small get-togethers
Nostalgia aroused with each old face
Friendships deepened like never before
Wtih tear-stained heart talks and secrets poured
Stayovers, shopping trips
Exotic tastes, marbled extravagence
12 days of Christmas, THE birthday Boy
Firework fanatics, Tokyo drift
BOB, buffered nails
Union square, perfect leads
Hips don't lie, seasoned socks
Brother turned bf, meeting the girl
SAM-ing, scrapbooking
Artistic pics, plain camwhoring
Pieces of my life, pieces of me
When did the new year start?
Its been a great year, but time will not stand still for us
It inches us forward
With love grown cold, shape shifting
Oh, the games we play
And yet we tease, and yet we taunt
And yet they make fun of what isn't
But lets just stand on the sidelines
And what, watch the show unfold?
Why do so many take on the role of supporting actor in their own show?
Here now, focus and set your eyes
Resolutions should not be balanced precariously on the second hand
Of stature, behold
It couldn't get any better, but it will

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11:46 PM


You can't stop me from having a love affair with the written word.


Xin Yi
50 Recreation Road
To me



When you learn how to die, you learn how to live.
-Tuesdays with Morrie

It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.
-Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Life is for living, she realises - but it always helps if there's an angel watching over you.
-Ps. I Love You


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