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Missing Steff.

Yes, pun in title intended :)
I think webcam really brings out the childishness in everyone. First it was the brother, dodging in and out of the cam boo-ing me online, making me laugh the whole night long. Then now, pretty Steff :) Her quirks are really so amusing, I was greatly entertained! So much so, I started taking screenshots. Gosh Steff, I really AM missing you. And those hand puppets, of course ;p

Steff with handsome Mr Pooh, Eeyore and Piggleetty.

Ps. Steff, my webcam is UP! No more I-feel-like-I'm-talking-to-myself's for you anymore :)

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11:24 PM

Japanese Fiesta!

The spontaneous cell dinner revolving around a Jap theme (both cuisine and dressup) went really well!! I had so much fun, thanks to all you guys who took the trouble to make such GOOOOOD food :) Can already see several chefs in the making! And Cranium really put the icing on the cake :) It was soooo so funny, especially the messup where the category 'creative cat' actually got mistaken for the clue ;p Haha, I must agree that it's really hard to draw the word 'creative' tho :)
Super sushi.

Orgasmic omuraisu.

Tantilizing tempura omelette.

Chilling cold soba.

Group pic. Check out Robin in his samurai outfit (read: bathrobe) and sword (read: knife sharpener)!!! He's really dressed for the occasion man!!

The jap outfit. Thanks Ling, I owe you one!!! And I must say you've got REALLY REALLY good taste!! :)

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10:50 PM


Some fun with the housemates!!

Becky, Kel and I did something totally out of the blue yesterday. We commemorated our 1st month together as housemates with icecream and nice candles!! :) Haha, yes I think we were pretty bored or tired out by work ;p And the idea caught up because I was staring (read: stoning) at the calendar on my lappie and realizing it’s been exactly 1 month since we moved into the house!!

Love this picture of Becky!!

Oh yes, and I've put up something specially for the mother! I've been feeding well, don't you worry. In fact, today's meal was pretty sumptuous! Minced meat with eggplant in chilli sauce, fish with celery and zucchini, and honey chicken drumsticks!! Tantalizing peektures follow, beware :)

And not forgetting the really scwheeet card my family sent me :) Bigbigbigbig heart, you guys!! Indeed, we are never far apart.. because I carry you in my heart :)) Umm, I'm not trying to be mushy, that was what was printed on the card! Admittedly, the contents written personally by the brother, the mum and dad were more mushy (read: touching) and hence is not suited to be disclosed here :)

For desserts, here are some of the random stuff the housemates did during the first month!!

Watching Grey's Anatomy with our friendly neighbour Mel on the lappie :)

Erms, some sneaky business went on when we didn't have internet. Hey, it was only for the submitting of work :)

A rainbow in my room! Another one of the small blessings of life, you'd find yours if you look carefully enough :)

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10:55 PM


Hurry, bite my bait.

Went deep-sea fishing today at Schnapper Point (Mornington) with Jereme, Big Jem, Ruiming, Houston, Dinesh, and Radiance. It was my first experience, and it was sooo fun, mainly because of the great company!! :) Could have been better, had I had been able to take home some loot too. Unfortunately amateur-ish me let the bait run away twice and only managed to catch 3 small flatheads which had to be let back into the waters due to fishing restrictions. But oh well, doesn’t matter. The time spent out in the open waters was really refreshing. Am sun-kissed (probably also salt-infused), and I got to chat and laugh to my heart’s content. Not to mention the others did catch 4 huge schnappers!! Thus, we proceeded to Big Jem’s place to share the lurve. Mmm, the lightly-sauced fish pasta did go down very well with my stomach. And now I have the recipe!! :)

Okay. Time for some photos (which might explain why some of my bait slipped away)!

Our loot, all still very fresh.
Removing the inerts.The seasickness got to them due to the really choppy waters.
Big Jem, the cullinary expert.
Group photo coming up!

Now who said only grown men fish, everyone should (provided there’s enough schnappers to go around)! :) And here I thank everyone whom I spent with today for all your idiosyncrasies ;p and for giving me a whale of a time!!

Ps. Grr, I can’t just yet get Dinesh’s sarcasm sometimes. But just you wait, guy! I WILL!!!

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8:06 PM


A quick update.

Using the school's wireless to type this and get back to some of you guys online. Yeps, so I guess you've heard. Xin Yi is officially unconnected to anyone in singapore for at least 3 weeks i.e. the house has no internet connection for the above mentioned period. Feels a bit weird especially at night, for the internet is usually my only form of comfort that I'm somehow in some small way still in the presence of all my dearest bestest loveliest Singapore friends.

Ahh but now now, there's no time to get homesick though. There's plenty to do and settle. In fact, me and my housemates (Kelvin and Becky) were much worse-off (even more so for them because they had no furniture in their rooms) when we just arrived! We realised, to our horror, that the house had no electricity and that the utilities board only opened on weekdays (shouldn't it be 24 hours?!). We found ourselves suddenly refuges, using torchlights in the dark and camping over at a very friendly and welcoming neighbour's house :) Jas and Kerf, you guys certainly deserve a BIG THANKEW for that!! The small gesture did make a big difference. And yes, what an experience it has been, living 'as cavemen', quoting Kelvin ;p Sounds pretty unthinkable too if this happened in Singapore. But trust me, anything can happen in Australia (including Ikea running out of furniture and having to wait 2 weeks for desks and bedposts to be in stock).
School didn't let us off easy too. There were classes from 8-5 on the very first day, and the same for that of wednesday. Thankfully, by now my room is pretty much in shape already and I can get down to doing a bit of work. The shower's also very very good!!! Much better than the halls. Common areas are clean and sparkling after all 3 of us did some spring cleaning. So yes, one satisfied girl here :)

For those of you who wanted my address, here it is:

2/42 Browns Road
Victoria 3168

So much shorter and sweeter than the previous one eh :) And I also have a home line at +61395434589. To top that, for those who have my melbourne line, I'm still at the same number! ;p
Okies, I better get down to doing some research. I'm still finding time to meet the house agents and have tennis later in the evening, so I'd better make full use of time. Take care everyone, and stay healthy!! ;p
Ps. Thanks so much sheryl, steff, rach, andrew, nat, josh, ash and my dearest family for sending me off this time. It's a bittersweet feeling, this one. And also to the numerous people who sent me farewell smses right from early in the morning. You guys made me feel homesick before I even left!! ;p I had a really great time with all of you these 3 month, which makes it even harder to leave actually, BUT a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do :) So yes, I'd be seeing you guys in 8 month's time anyway! Don't miss me too much meanwhile, kee.

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6:16 AM


You can't stop me from having a love affair with the written word.


Xin Yi
50 Recreation Road
To me



When you learn how to die, you learn how to live.
-Tuesdays with Morrie

It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.
-Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Life is for living, she realises - but it always helps if there's an angel watching over you.
-Ps. I Love You


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