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Open heart surgery.

The heart was there right in front of me, beating furiously. I placed my hand on my chest, right above where my own heart was situated, amazed at just how miraculously hardworking that specialized muscular organ is just beneath this calm exterior, pumping away to keep me going on. It's times like these that I once again stand in awe of the design of the Great Maker, my Creator.
Steady hands with just the right amount of delicacy to its fingers work around performing intricate techniques in the most precise manner. Such were the requirements of being a good cardiac surgeon. The suturing thread was hardly visible to the naked eye. But yet the surgeon worked his way around inserting the graft, pinching just the right amount of tissue on both ends. It was incredible to watch and it made me wonder how much training it must have taken to get that good.
Ps. I wanted to put a picture detailing the CABGs (coronary artery bypass graft surgery) that I witnessed but finally decided not to because the scandal tells me she gets squirmy when she sees blood. And I don't want that to happen, do I? :)

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9:24 PM


Suzuki Night Market.

I just got back from a night market, aussie-style. Instead of cupcorns and dragonbeard candy and muahchee, there was Indian, Vietnamese, Ethiopian, Spanish, Dutch and Middle Eastern - basically a unique combination of international food. Kel, Mel, Jon and I stuffed ourselves silly with soooo much food!! We tried some things I've never had before - a crocodile meat burger, dutch pancakes, and a delish chorioz dog. Also had a sinful choc shake and a savoury crepe. Yumm. Am bloated.
Despite the fact that our tummies could contain no more, greedy Mel and I wanted to buy pretty cupcakes but were disappointed to hear that they were all sold out! (I think that it was heaven's will in part to save us from killing our poor tummies through over-inflation though.) On another note, I was wondering if those cupcakes could beat Marmalade Pantry's. One day I'd find out. They definitely look tantilizing though. Why wouldn't a cupcake that looks like it came straight out of Alice in Wonderland be, anyway? I'd almost hesitate biting into it, and not because it looks too good to be eaten, but for fear that I might grow or shrink the moment I sink my teeth into that fairytale delight.
We walked around the stalls too and saw many interesting items on sale. Leather-bound books, individualistic necklaces. Would have grabbed those unique items if not for their exorbitant prices! Nonetheless, I shall go hunt the accessories down when I feel less broke :)
A nice night out with good company. Always cherished. Extremely nice weather too, albeit being slightly chilly toward the end. But all in all, it definitely was a nice end to the Wednesdays that always end at 6pm.

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7:11 PM


The weeks in Melbourne.

Lots have changed this time since I got back. Mostly because I'm not stationed in the Uni campus anymore, but am in The Alfred Hospital 24/7. That's a 3 hr train plus tram ride to and fro every day, but thankfully we've got this carpool thing going on. Who knows what the people living in this ulu town known as Clayton will do if not for Kelvin ;p
Then again, being at The Alfred has it's perks. The few of us have been scouring the city for good eats especially to avoid travelling home during the peak hour traffic, and Mel and I have even managed to grab a few good buys while waiting for others to ride back! :) Ahh we're still big city girls in the end, and these small cheers do make the 7am-7pm days in the hospital a wee bit better. Of course, they do burn a hole in our pockets though. So everything in moderation. Hospital life is also different from Uni life in many many ways. For one, nothing's structured - you do whatever you like whenever you like in whichever way you think most benefits your education. I've been opting to be proactive in participating on surgeries and other stuff not scheduled on my timetable, while other times I'm just skiving away because the meeting/ward round seems totally unappealing and a waste of time to attend. Another thing is that you've to dress up. Which is irritating because so many of my clothes have become inappropriate to wear. I've been putting on slightly more formal-looking jackets to hide whatever cotton-looking top I've got on underneath (partly also because of the cold). Which works in a way. But I probably need to start stocking work skirts, more pants and shirt tops.
Been managing to get a fair bit of exercise and doing the usual round of cooking and cleaning and washing, but I must say the long hours I spend in the hospital have taken some toll on how frequent I cook and wash my clothes. Feels almost as if I'm working except that I'm not getting paid. And I thought that 6am days wouldn't start till after my education. I was gravely wrong. But thankfully, the housemate and I cooked just yesterday, along with the bunk-in, Eugene :) This guy and his housemates are having quite a bad time because their rent house's roof fell in! That MUST feel shitty. So anyway THIS kind household has been putting him and Mavis up. Hopefully the roof will be repaired asap! Though I'm very sure Eugene's been having a great time here especially since Kel gave up his bed VERY WILLINGLY to share the bed in the living room with his buddy ;pp
It's been such a long time since I posted pictures of food I shall gladly do so now.

Honey sesame chicken.

Vegetable with salted fish and black bean sauce.

Other than that, I can't wait for Uni to start so I can catch up with the OCFers and the Yr 1s. My distant cousin Dion has come to Monash to study too, but the only thing I remember of him is that he's this cute little boy that I met when I was really really young. Speaking of OCF, a new composition for OCF's 1st CD compilation is on its way too, but I'm running out of inspiration!! Someone impress me with a new tune, please!! Can't wait to get together with Josh and the band to discuss the style and fillers and all!! :)

On the whole, it has been an exciting start to the new year here in Melbourne. Things have been shaky, things can get better, but I'm going to make the best of it. Yes, I will. And study harder, too. Let's watch out for what's to be in store! :))

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2:16 PM

Just because my blog doesn't have enough pictures :)

The scrapbooking flower.
My frozen rum and raisin walnut cheesecake terrine :) The only dessert I actually got down to making this summer break.

Parents' Christmas dessert treat! Brother cooked for the very 1st time!


Night cycling :))


The great times in Hong Kong with the gfs.

A collage - because there's just too many great photos of the memories we've shared :)

Photos taken on that long train ride home. We were so tired you see us sitting on the floor.

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11:38 AM


Keynote events of Summer 07/08 :)

Getting conned by stupid Joshua that he hasn't gotten his driving licence yet.
Dempsey Ben and Jerry's chocolate milkshake. The best chocolate milkshake ever.
Christmas tree up!! Lights a-blinkering at night.
Youth camp.
Baptism class.
My dearest scandal's 'Everyone-finish-dinner-liao-but-I-can-accompany-you-eat-dinner'. Plus that bigwidesmile on her face after to punctuate the offer.
Altar call and the move to step up and pray for others.
Angel-mortal game and my disguising handwriting confusion skills ;p
Thailand trip and the very rich but extremely nice no-airs friends of Daddy's.
Siam Paragon. Coconut products. Floating market. Culture show at Rose Garden. Thai massage. Shemale show. BMK. Chat tu chat. Hunting down good bargains with the brother who has similarly good taste (sweet, that's why can shop well together!).
Doorstep chitchats.
Church, girltalk, speaking words of wisdom and the dark sidelane's rotiprata.
Snapping away with Alvin's camera! :)
Busying with writing lil Christmas notes and wrapping Christmas presents.
My most expensive Christmas buy, specially for the mother.
Christmas Eve's eve at Uncle George's place.
Polarbear conducting and always being the 1st person to get killed (not funny okkkkay!!).
BBQ christmas countdown at the new place.
A Santa effort to deliver presents at midnight on Christmas Day.
Presents under the Christmas tree.
Merry Christmas Darling and Snowflakes of Love.
A turkey-filled week with the family, with my mum's new discovery of making the most tender turkey ever (she injects the turkey with a syringe, no kidding).
Cosy Bay.
A night out on the hammock under the stars.
Meetup with the SAMmies at Anne's really nice Holland Rd hse ;p
Friendship issues.
Yes friendship issues.
The resolution of friendship issues.

Meeting John Becky and Kel for Ding Tai Feng :)
Visiting Claudia at NUH and watching baby Ezekiel sleep.
The meetup.
Sheryl's birthday celebration!! ..consisting of 27 dresses and a whole lot of oxytocin.
Church, mushroom swiss and Starbucks at One Fullerton.
50 laps in the pool.
The fainting episode.
Orgasmic creamy butter crab at Paradise (9 Defu Lane).
Robertson Park.
Made-with-lurving accompanying the bestie.
Thai Express treat :)
ICE SKATING with the ECG!!!
Supper and photo exchange.
Running errands, errands and more errands.
Going mad running errands!!
Xueting and Adrienne at Cityhall TCC.
The Chocolate Factory's souffle.
Getting my ear pierced again.
Getting more 'essential stuff'.
Sushi Tei dinner with the family.
T3. And the extremely wild trolley ride :)
Chye tao kway!!!
Early tuan yuan fan with the relatives. Early hongbaos too. Mwahahhaha.
A nice drive with the dad.
The airport scene.
Huggin my gfs and family goodbye. 10 long months it's going to be.

The planeride back to Melbourne.

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12:47 AM


Her brand new seed.

Artist// Corrine May
Title// On the Side of Me
Album// Beautiful Seed
I'm not the easiest person to love
I'm often the one who lets things go unresolved
Yet you choose to be
on the side of me
on the side of me
Yet you choose to be
on the side of me
on the side of me
I'm not too proud of some things
I've done in my life
The skeletons in my closet
Are too big for me to hide
Yet you choose to be
on the side of me
on the side of me
Blessed charity
You're on the side of me
on the side of me
'Cause everyone needs a friend to hold
when it's cold outside
and there's no place to go
Everyone needs a friend to hold
all alone I cried
there was no place to go
I remember when nobody cared
but you
I'm not the easiest person to love
But you, you've opened your heart to show me what I'm worth
'Cause you choose to be
on the side of me
on the side of me
What a mystery
You're on the side of me
on the side of me
'Cause everyone needs a friend to hold
when it's cold outside
and there's no place to go
Everyone needs a friend to hold
all alone I cried
there was no place to go
I remember when nobody cared
I remember when nobody cared
Nobody cared
but you
Yeah you choose to be
on the side of me
on the side of me

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1:25 AM


You can't stop me from having a love affair with the written word.


Xin Yi
50 Recreation Road
To me



When you learn how to die, you learn how to live.
-Tuesdays with Morrie

It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.
-Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Life is for living, she realises - but it always helps if there's an angel watching over you.
-Ps. I Love You


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